Come see us perform!


We are getting ready for our 44th annual recital on June, 15th 2024!


Here’s a few fast questions to help you prepare!


 If you have additional questions about our upcoming recital please inquire with the studio.

Days Until Recital








What to do ahead of recital
  • Have your dance practice putting on their tights and costume by themselves. There will be staff to assist, but it will help if they know how to do it by themselves in advance.
  • Discuss with your dancer about staying in their area backstage. If they need to go to the restroom they will need to notify someone in the dressing room.

  • Have all items for each costume in a ziplock bag labeled with dancer’s name and and number it is in the show. A garment bag for each costume is helpful to keep all pieces together.
  • Tickets may be bought in advance at the studio. 
  • Tickets may be bought at the door with cash only. 


  • Hair will be smoothed back in a tight bun on crown of head


  • Natural Stage Makeup – Full face light natural makeup. Foundation to match skin tone, blush, red or pink lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. 


  • Once costumes are handed out please keep all pieces together. Best way to keep pieces together is in ziplock bag labeled with dancers name and performance number. 
  • Please take costumes out of bags and hang up. If there is a skirt, hang up with pant hanger upside down.  
  • Best way to get wrinkles out of tulle costumes is to hang your costumes upside down in steam shower for 10 minutes. 



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