Monthly Tuition For 2020- 2021
Tuition is a monthly fee that is payable the first lesson of the month. Tuition is a 10 month payment, September through June. NO REFUNDS.

1 Hour Classes
$65.00 1st class or student
$60.00 2nd class or student
$58.00 3rd class or student
$56.00 4th class or student
$54.00 5th class or student

$28.00 Dance Company and Special Tap

1/2 Hour Classes
$110.00 private lesson
$55.00 duo/trio lesson per person

$25.00 per student (non refundable)

Payer is still responsible for tuition regardless of vacation, illness, conflict, emergencies etc. Payment is NOT waived or cancelled for classes that are not attened.